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Enabling Act and District Charter

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Special Tax District Letter, including collection of fees information. (current annual assessment is $357.00).

The Bayshore Gardens Park and Recreation District is a political subdivision of the State of Florida established with Legislative Act H.R. 1233 of the 1979 Florida Legislature and amended as Florida Law 2002-365. The District is administered by a Board of nine Trustees elected by the property owners of the Bayshore Gardens Subdivision. The Board of Trustees imposes an assessment fee ($357.00), against all taxable real estate situated within the district for the purpose of providing funds for the operation of the district.

Trustees are elected for a term of four years and must be Bayshore Gardens resident land-owners who are also Manatee County registered voters.

The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday each month. Special working committees of the Board also meet on a monthly basis and notices of those meetings are also published in the “BAYSHORE BANNER” as well as on bulletin boards at the recreation center.

The purpose of the Special Taxing District is to maintain the facilities within the district (Starting from 26th Street at the north side of the baseball field and going south to the bay, east to the boat ramp, and west to the canal, including the marina, recreation hall, outbuildings and park) that may be used by any resident of Bayshore Gardens Park and Recreation District. In the Legislative Act H.B. 997 passed in the 2002 Legislature, Section 3, the term “resident” shall mean property owner within Bayshore Gardens Park and Recreation District, or resident/tenant in a home within said District, the owner of which has transferred to said resident/tenant the privileges of use of the district facilities. There a Junior Olympic size swimming pool with a diving board and slide, a ball field for softball, kickball, baseball & soccer, a boat ramp and marina. Additionally, there are many clubs for the residents to join, Bunco, Crime Watch, Garden , Neighborhood Association, Woodchoppers and Yacht club. There is an annual Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Ice Cream Social, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Dinner, as well as Christmas & New Year’s Eve parties.