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(Community Emergency Response Team)

“Our community is a part of the Manatee County Emergency Management sponsored CERT Teams”


The CERT Team is committed to providing leadership and service to the community we serve in the
event of a disaster or other emergency. We will strive to provide training and support to our community;
and emergency response to aid our families, neighborhoods, and public safety professionals.

During a disaster, the capacity of emergency services is often pushed to the limit. People must rely
on each other for help in order to meet immediate life-saving and life-sustaining needs. By putting a
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in place as an extension of first responder services,
direct help can be offered to victims until professional services arrive. CERT training builds life-
saving competencies with emphasis on decision-making skills, rescuer safety, and doing the
greatest good for the greatest number. This practice excerpts material from the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA) Citizen Corps website.

CERTs are formed by people who wish to be better prepared for the hazards that threaten their
communities, and the programs require a partnership between community members and local
government emergency management and response agencies. FEMA supports CERT programs by
conducting or sponsoring train-the-trainer (TTT) sessions for members of the fire, medical, and
emergency management community. The objectives of the TTT are to prepare attendees to promote
this training in their community; conduct TTTs at their location; conduct training sessions for
neighborhood, business and industry, and government groups; and organize teams with which first
responders can interface following a major disaster.

To reach a Bayshore CERT member, email


For more CERT information visit
Official website of the Department of Homeland Security