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Bayshore Banner

The Bayshore Banner is the monthly newsletter of the Bayshore Gardens Park & Recreation District, an independent special taxing district established by the Florida legislature. The Banner is a communication tool for our residents to keep updated with District business and events.

The submission deadline is the 15th of the month for articles and meeting reports. Club information must be submitted by the 20th. 

The Banner went digital in November 2019, however we offer home delivery via U.S. mail for residents who would like a hard copy, 

Call or email the District office to request a hard copy or provide an email address for your digital copy.

Phone: 941-755-1912 or Email:

Banner content is not meant to reflect the views of the District, a non-partisan and politically neutral state entity. The Banner reserves the right to edit or decline any submission. The Banner is not financially responsible for typos or other errors. 



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