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Marina & Boating

Community Marina Offers Residents the Best in Boating

*Private boat ramp (MUST be a residents of Bayshore Gardnes Park & Recreation District) 
*Private fishing dock and clean up station
*Picnic area

There are 97 boat slips to accommodate boats with water & electric included.

Access to our private boat ramp requires a key FOB. The Marina Gate key FOB is $85.60 annually with renewals on October 1st.

Our Small Boat Area has spaces available and can accommodate small boats, canoes, kayaks & Sunfish types  up to 16′ (No Motor Boats).

The Board of Trustees has authority to impose a fine for violations of rules. Before anyone is leased a slip or trailer space, or is given a gate card, he or she must agree to and sign a contract with the rules that will be imposed.

Anyone on the marina grounds or who is using marina facilities, must follow all laws and regulations that are applicable, including among others, all State, Federal (including coast Guard Regulations), as well as all environmental laws.

A full written copy can be picked up from the office




The Board of Trustees has put a new marina contract in place. Upon signing of the new contract, please come prepared with the proper documentation. The following list itemizes what documents are mandatory to complete the contract to occupy an assigned slip and receive a gate FOB.

1. A current Photo I.D. for resident rates, a Bayshore address must appear on the I.D. If the I.D. does not reflect a Bayshore address, a current lease or deed must be provided. No exceptions

2. Valid boat insurance with a $100,000 liability minimum.

3. Bayshore Gardens MUST be listed as an insured on the boat policy and proof provided. (Bayshore Gardens Park and Recreation District 6919 26th St. W.  Bradenton, FL 34207)

4. Current boat registration.

5. Name & phone number of an emergency contact individual.

6. All parties on the boat registration MUST sign the contract.

7. Non-residents to pay a $500 security deposit upon contract signing.  

8. Residents will need to pay a $250 security deposit upon contract signing.

On the date of contract signing, please bring ALL the necessary documents. Requests made to retrieve a document from the prior file will not be honored. This will delay expediting the contract process. Please come prepared with all your documents in order to process the contract and activate the FOB.

If documentation is not presented or invalid, a contract will not be completed, nor a FOB issued. The slip renter will need to come back to finish the contract process when documents are in order.

We look forward to getting everyone back in the marina. Happy boating!