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HOA Club

The Bayshore Gardens Homeowners’ Association is a volunteer organization with an annual fee of $10.00 per family.

With enough support from residents, the HOA will sponsor parties for the children of Bayshore throughout the year.

Monthly meeting are on the 2nd Thursday with speakers, programs and potluck dinners.


FREE with HOA membership:

· Saturday morning Pancake Breakfast

Bayshore Gardens Clean-up Day:

Our HOA is in contact with the various Manatee County Departments to promote programs within our neighborhood.

What would you like to see at your Recreation Center?

If we have the support of all Bayshore residents we could do so much more! Come to meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm and let us know.

HOA FormKnow the Difference between the Tax Assessment and the HOA Club Membership Fee